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My site is running Wordpress 5.6.2 with Sparkling theme 2.4.8. On my site I have a slider with four photos below the top navigation bar. I recently noticed that when my page loads the slider displays over the text on my page, but corrects itself when the slider displays the second photo. Here is a link to my page: What can be done to correct this behavior? Thank you in advance.


I wait for major update, but for 2.4.8, maybe similar solution helps also you.

div.flexslider {
min-height: 440px !important;

Last good version for me is 2.3.2 and i see same menu behavior for others, that has newer sparkling theme.

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I would like to inquire if anyone from Colorlib support has reviewed the issue I reported in this topic. Thank you.

Hey there

I just reviewed your website and I was not able to find the error you reported? can you please add a little bit more info? also, please include a screenshot,


Thank you for reviewing my website and updating this topic.

In the first screenshot you can see the slider is displaying over the content in the middle of the screen:

In the second screenshot (when the slider advances to the next photo), you can see the slider displays correctly:

I would like to inquire why the slider is not displaying correctly when the page initially loads.

Thank you in advance.

hi there

Please try this CSS code:

.home .top-section {
min-height: 545px;

It should help

Thank you for the update. Where in Wordpress do I need to add this CSS code?


You may add that code in the Appearance > Customize > Additionall css


Thank you for answering my question.

I added the code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and it appears to fix the issue where the slider displays over the content in the middle of the screen. I had to modify the value from 545 to 600. I hope this bug will be resolved in a future Sparkling theme update so this additional CSS can be removed.

Thanks for sharing your info :slight_smile:

I believe this is a temporary problem because I never seen it before

You’re welcome!

I don’t believe this is a temporary issue. It appeared to have started happening either after installing a Wordpress or Sparkling theme update.

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Ok, in this case, we will take a closer look into this problem

Thanks in advance

Thank you for investigating the issue. Kindly update this topic when you have determined root cause and the resolution. Thank you!

Thank you too and have a good day