Sparkling galleries not working with Gutenberg

With Gutenberg, photo galleries will not expand photos and when used on any but the latest iOS they jumble up across the text.

This week I made my first posting using Gutenberg and found that the photos were jumbled up across each other and across the text when viewed on iPhones that have the second last iOS. Also the galleries will not allow the expansion of the photos to view them at a larger size on a desktop.

Here’s the URL to the site, the most recent post 10/12/18 was edited with Gitenberg, all the rest were on the previous editor and are appear to be still working fine;

I’d greatly appreciate finding a solution for this.

Is Sparkling set up for Gutenberg? If not when will it be! And what are the implications of changing themes?



I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

Our developers would have to release an update for the theme but they are working on it and testing it before pushing it to live.

Best Regards,

Thank you for your print reply. Are you able to give me an estimate of when the update should be released?


Hello Michael

Probably this will take less than a week