[Theme Update]

Hi everyone,

Illdy has currently reached version 1.0.7. If you are running a version prior to this one, please use the link below: https://wordpress.org/themes/download/illdy.1.0.7.zip?nostats=1 to download & update your copy of Illdy to the latest working version.

Please find the latest theme version, here: https://wordpress.org/themes/download/illdy.1.0.7.zip?nostats=1

If you are running a version prior to 1.0.7, please update using the above link.

Please find the latest theme version, here: https://wordpress.org/themes/download/illdy.1.0.8.zip?nostats=1

If you are running a version prior to 1.0.8, please update using the above link.


- Has been generated POT file.
- Has been fixed the checkbox from customizer for Latest News section.
- Has been fixed Testimonials section when are added one post.

How do i update?

New theme update: https://wordpress.org/themes/download/illdy.1.0.9.zip?nostats=1

changelog: - Has been fixed Phone Number and E-mail Address from Customizer.


To update the theme you need to go on your FTP server and overwrite the old files with the latest ones.

Unfortunately, until WordPress reviews and adds the theme to their library this cannot be done through the Dashboard > Updates

Great. So, this is a post that says nothing, but because I have ticked the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” box, I will at least receive notifications of updates to the theme - I hope.

lldy, v1.0.10: https://wordpress.org/themes/download/illdy.1.0.10.zip?nostats=1

- Has been fixed OWL Carousel when JetPack plugin is not installed.
- Has been added "max-width" in CSS for logo on responsive.

lldy, v1.0.11: https://wordpress.org/themes/download/illdy.1.0.11.zip?nostats=1


- Has been added HTML sanitize function for customizer.
- Has been added active calback function for Contact Form 7 from customizer.
- Customizer - Contact us: has been changed in section from panel.
- Has been removed Social Sharing component.
- Customizer - Latest News: has been changed in section from panel.
- Has been added active callback functions for Testimonials section from customizer.
- Customizer - Testimonials: has been changed in section from panel.
- Customizer - Jumotron: has been changed in section from panel.
- Has been changed the Footer Logo instead Image Site Logo.
- Has been changed the Blog Header Image instead Header Image.
- Has been changed the description at Contact Details from customizer.

Can you please provide instructions on how to update the theme so that I dont lose the zillion customizations already done. I.e. hero images, header images, logo, selected sections, many different plugins inserted in diff sections, etc etc


I am using “Childify Me” so changes are not lost after an update

I have also made a few changes and have lost none after the last 3 updates

@goldie: Thanks for the reply. My experience:

Childify Me didnt work for me. Logo, logo text, hero image, header image, all the text that I’d written, etc all reverted to original theme settings. Sections that I had turned off came back. Menu disappeared. The only things that got ported correctly were the widgets. Good thing I cloned my Wp installation and tried this in a sandbox area.

In any case, Childify Me for my requirement is an overkill since I have only 1 file customization.

Then I used Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org and it worked like a charm for me. Push button update of theme.

When you update theme do you do it from the website or manually upload files to

@goldie, I used the plugin I mentioned. It superbly integrates with “Add Theme > Upload theme” and does the replacement of the files in the background, with no loss of settings.

lldy, v1.0.12: https://wordpress.org/themes/download/illdy.1.0.12.zip?nostats=1

- Has been added CSS style for the second sub menu from header navigation.
- Has been added the link to Contact Form 7 in Contact Form Creation field from customizer.
- Has been changed the title "Contact Form Creation" instead "Contact Form 7".

Since I have upgraded to Version 1.0.12 the Jumbotron image doesnt display, I have deleted the image from the section and deleted it from the media section and re-uploaded and still doesnt display.

Please can someone help, this is driving me insane.

No Worries all sorted.

first of all i like to say that i like your theme very much ;)) but…

i just updatet wp to 4.5.

the slidetosection effect isnt working also the responsive menu doesnt react!

the problem is the updated jquery version 1.12.2
i downgraded manually back to 1.11.3 a everyhing is fine.

hope i could help u fix this in ur fantastic theme.

greets dius

lldy, v1.0.15: https://wordpress.org/themes/download/illdy.1.0.15.zip?nostats=1

- Has been fixed the jQuery error in console on WordPress v4.5.

- Has been added theme support function for WooCommerce.
- Has been added version on enqueue functions.


- Has been fixed the third level menu.
- Has been fixed E-mail and Phone text from Contact us section on responsive.
- Has been fixed buttons alignment from Jumbotron section on responsive.
- Has been changed the post/ page title and description on singular header posts/ pages.
- Has been added sticky post.
- Has been fixed translation string and regenerated new .pot file.
- Has been added WooCommerce support.
- Has been added dropdown fields in customizer to order the sections on front page.

Hello Colorlib Support, can you please confirm that illdy works fine with WP 4.5? I’ve not yet upgraded for fear it breaks something. I see two folks have pointed out problems: