Unable to set blog as first page


According to your instructions at FAQ & Common Issues:

The blog static page is optional, as you can set the blog page template in the page right attributes panel and it will display directly. This is helpful if you want to control the blog page header title.

However, there is no blog template available to choose. Can’t find it in the page-templates/ folder either. http://imgur.com/g8zvbCW

How do I set up to show my posts on the first page?


Hello Jakob,

It seems like that options has been removed in the latest theme update, as far as I can tell.

If you want to display the blog posts as your homepage you should just go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and instead of the static front page you should select the latest posts.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.


Thanks for your reply Ion. What you suggest is actually what I initially did, however, I was unable to find a way to change the jumbotron/header text “Archives.” (Which is how I got directed into the FAQ in the first place). There seems so only be an option to change the blog header image in Customize → Blog Options. Is there an option I have missed? Could you provide instructions how to change that text?

Hello Jakob,

I’m really sorry for the confusion, it seems like indeed this is not possible at the current moment (since last theme update) so I will have to track your request and improve the behaviour in the upcoming theme version.

If you are comfortable doing some core files code modifications I will do my best to guide you around to manually add your website name instead of the archive text.


Ok, maybe it’s easier to use an older version of the theme where this works properly? In such case, where can I get it?

Otherwise I’m fine with core file changes, I’ve setup a child theme already. However, I’d like the option to change the content of the jumbotron from Customize and not from code, since I develop the site for a client.

Do you have an estimate of how long it would take to get this featured fixed in a future update? Because I’m on a deadline :slight_smile:

Hello Jakob,

I will do my fair share of research and get back to you in the shortest time.

Since the theme is not supposed to display the blog posts as the homepage this could fall into the enhancements category and never get included.

I will push it to be fixed, though, but it will surely take a good couple of weeks until this hit the shelves

I’ll be right back with more information.


Hello Jakob,

The file that handles the blog header can be found in sections > blog-bottom-header.php

There you need to change line 17 from
<?php the_archive_title( '<h2>', '<span class="span-dot">'. esc_html__( '.', 'illdy' ) .'</span></h2>' ); ?>
<h2>Site title</h2>

Let me know if you got everything alright.


Thanks Ion. However, as I wrote earlier,

I’d like the option to change the content of the jumbotron from Customize and not from code, since I develop the site for a client.
That solution will not meet that wish. Will have to re-evaluate if this is the right theme for my task.

Thanks though for you quick support!

Sorry, I skipped that information.

Instead of the hardcoded site title you could just use a wordpress function for it:

<h2><?php echo get_bloginfo('name'); ?></h2>