When newer sparkling theme will be released?

Hi again,

This is great free theme, i am planning to update sparkling theme and i need help, but first i would like to get sparkling theme that is compatible with wordpress 5.6 and php 8.0.

Right now i am with wordpress 5.5.3 and php 7.4.13 with sparkling theme 2.3.2 and everything works.

With newer versions of sparkling theme i get first slide on top of text and starting from slide 2, it is in correct position and after that, if i wait again for the first slide, it is in right position, like others. What i should change?

I have this in css with flexslider
div.flexslider {
margin:40px auto
.flexslider {

I am back at 2.3.2 version at the moment.

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hey there

Well, the update will happen and it will be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and Php but for this moment is not fully compatible, so, I would recommend waiting a little bit :slight_smile:

To be honest, I don’t clearly understand your problem, can you please rephrase it again? also, include link and screenshot


  1. With older sparkling theme, the menu was not so wide, it was more compact.
    Please look the (4.) and the (3.) pictures to compare 2.3.2 and 2.4.7.

  2. One more page request with newer sparkling theme 2.4.7 20 vs 21 from the main page.
    Is it one extra font? Tested shortly with Gtmetrix.

  3. Four or more things to fix, just look these pictures, compare with pictures (4.) Thank you!

  4. Main page with Sparkling theme 2.3.2, everything ok.

  5. If we fix those now, i hope we do not need to fix them on newer release than 2.4.7 one?

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Hi Colorlib,

What should i be change? Please look pictures 3. that are from sparkling theme 2.4.7.
I would like to get solution for questions 1 and 3, Thank you.

For this i have fix, if i copy older older version of flexslider-custom.js to sparkling theme 2.4.7.

I just add that from sparkling theme 2.4.7 navbar menu links are clickable only on top of text, text area is in incorrect color if not hovered over text, text should be white (fff), when menu is opened and mouse is on top of that menu.

Other than that 2.4.7 seems work well for me, Thank you!

Website with sparkling theme 2.3.2: https://hingetee.ee/

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Sorry for the invonvinicne.

A minor update to fix all bugs will be released next week. A more major update is coming in February.


Thank you for the information Aigars.

You are welcome Marx :slight_smile:

A quick update. We are still working on the update. There are more things that need to be fixed than we anticipated. We’ll keep you posted.