Centering other widgets on the home page

Hi there,
I would love to be able to centre 3 widgets (non-shapely ones) on the homepage of my site (at, or at least, increase the margin of the widgets so that the text/search bar/images are not fully pushed up against the edge of the webpage. Is there any way for me to do that (even if it involves adding custom css)?

For reference, I’m referring to the bottom three widgets at I’ve added a photo of the three widgets for extra reference as well. I would love some help with this!!

I’ve used Shapely for more than a year now and absolutely loving it. Thanks for creating such a good theme :slight_smile:



Use this Child theme: and it will support the feature you’re requesting. :slight_smile:

After activating the child theme, make sure you add all the other shapely widgets like text or your other plugins widgets in the “Homepage Other” sidebar area. Like here:

Let us know,