Dazzling Child Theme

If you want to make changes inside Dazzling template files you need to use Child Theme to make your changes update safe. Sample Dazzling Child theme can be downloaded from here.

You can ask questions about Child Theme below create your own support thread and we will help you from there.


I liked your suggestion and therefore use your dazzling child theme. BUT the latest theme update corrupt the child theme!


after last update child theme css not overriding parent?

I have installed a child theme for Dazzling - thank you very much. Everything was going fine until last update prevents child css from taking effect or at least parts of it overriding the parent. in my case tables styles.

Please advise.




Check your website source to see if Child Theme style.css is still loaded after parent theme style.css. File that is loaded last is the “strongest” ones.

Thank you, @Aigars, for this Child Theme approach!

Unfortunately Child Theme style.css is loaded before Parent Theme style.css. How can I chamge this?

Thanks in advance!


Inside Child Theme functions.php file you can change priority to some lower number or try to remove it completely. I mean this part in original functions.php file

, 20

On this line

add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'dazzling_child_enqueue_styles', 20 );

Let me know if this work.

There is no such line but there is one named:
add_action( ‘widgets_init’, ‘dazzling_child_widgets_init’);
Do you suggest to change it or just add ”20”?


Thank you, Aigars!

10 or lower did the trick … :slight_smile:

Awesome work!

@Kjell, are you sure you looked in the child theme’s functions.php and not in the parent theme’s?


That’s not part of Child Theme functions.php that you can download from above. It looks more like you are talking about parent theme here but no need to change anything there.


I have 2 questions.

  1. I try remove from child theme author icon and add file
    but no see change.

Inc file dont close our parent from dazzling/inc ???

  1. I try translate theme on russian and dont see in PO words
    “permalink” and “It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.”
  1. Here you can read more about template-tags.php and other files that are not part of WordPress default template hierarchy.

It would be much easier to just hire this icon instead of trying to edit it via Child Theme as it will put some extra load on server. Not a major one but still hiding would be much faster solution.

You can hide author icon from meta information by adding this simple code to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS

.entry-meta .fa.fa-user {
  display: none;
  1. Text “It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.” is included in Dazzling theme translation.
    But you are right about “permalink” and it was missing. I have since added it on Github version for this theme. Soon this version will be available for everyone.

Once you have translated Dazzling theme I would really appreciate if you could send translation over and I will add it on the next theme update. Thank you!

Le me know if there is anything else.


But with css its link not visible, but i need hide him from google and other crauwler.
I can hide his with css but “nofollow” i cant make w/o no child theme change. it is not good.

I’m still having trouble getting the child theme to work properly. I’ve tried lowering the “20” in the child theme’s functions.php file, but that isn’t working.

Any more ideas?

I was able to get it working properly when uploading the child theme via the wp-admin theme upload section rather than ftp. It also installed another parent dazzling theme when I did this? I’m going to do it again on a localhost and see where I went wrong.


My website looks like this before updating the theme: stilprofiler.se

Two problems:

  1. After updating the theme the appearance of the website is corrupted (see ill.)
    The menu color and the action button for ex are gone.
    I do all the correctiones in the child theme or the theme options. And it works.
    Conclusion: I can’t update. What’s wrong?

  2. Website in mobile: portrait correct, landscape incorrect (too wide).


Hi Aigars,

Again, thanks so much for this fabulous theme!

I am in the process of working through the concept of a child theme, but still not too sure how to effectively implement one to my site (I tried to download via the link but not able to retrieve in downloads). Currently, I haven been just redoing my modifications with every update, but know I have to get a child theme going. Could you answer the following:

  1. Can a child theme still be implemented even though I have made changes to my site without one?

  2. Is there any way to add adsense code - above posts - without a child theme? (i.e. just to .php)?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, and thank you for this handy pre-made child theme! When I unzipped it, it originally said “Text Domain: dazzling”. I believe you should change the style.css file in the header to say “Text Domain: dazzling-child”. For me this resolved the issue with the child theme CSS not overriding the parent CSS. I hope this helps some other people get unstuck as well.

Edit: Oh, I just realized that you are the author of the parent theme. In that case, thanks for the parent theme as well! :slight_smile:

Hi Aigars,

Thanks for the theme (and child theme) yet again!

I have finally been able to upload the child theme but before I activate it, I would appreciate if you answer the following:

  1. before activating/working with child theme, must I have no changes to the parent theme, ie. css and/or php (header). In other words, must the parent theme be void of any customisations (at least via css or php)? (currently I have a top bar above the navigation that was added via header.php and customisations via css options; must I get rid of this codes in parent theme and add to child theme?)

  2. once activated, do I work with the child theme in a similar way to the parent theme (i.e. can make changes directly in editor area, css, etc. of the child theme) ?

Sorry if questions seem obvious, but new to this child theme concept.

Thanks in advance,

WP: Current
Dazzling: Current
Site: curlyafrodotcom


I would like to ask if is possible to set the individual product with photo from e-shop as a slider category for head page slider? Now I have possibility only to choose the ‘blog’.

Thank you