We don't received purchased template

Hello. I’m atelier who bought this template few days ago.
with this topic : Don’t received purchased template
I found some mistake of mine. So I want to ask another question.

I made my purchase account “[email protected]” but not “[email protected]” when I wrote ‘Email address’ in “dashboardpack main site/checkout/” page.
So, I want you to ask please check the purchase history again via email account “[email protected]”.

And then,
If you find purchase history, I would like to ask if you can modify the email information and resend the template.
Of course, This time we want to use email account “[email protected]”.

I attached a photo of order details for your help.
I appreciate your cooperation. Thanks.

Hi there

@aigars-silkalns we need your help here, we cant process this without you :slight_smile:



I have changed your email and resent the order details.
Let me know if everything works fine for you.

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Hi, I’m atelier.

I checked all the mailboxes, including spam mailbox from time to time,
but I didn’t get any reply.
What should I do?

Could you please try to reset your password using your correct email since data was changed and the records should be there.

And I tried to reset my password.
I didn’t get reply, too.
Both you try to resent the order details and I tried to reset password are not checked.